Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stay Safe over Christmas

Hey everyone, well I hope your final Christmas week is not causing you to much stress, pretty soon you will be able to stop,breathe and relax. 

Something bad guys count on this time of the year, is that you're in a hurry and impatient, you can be just waiting for something to totally set you off. Be very careful of emails, with titles that are meant to "bait" you, or emails that are made to look like they are from friends or relatives. If your not sure, just pop your friend a text or email and check if they sent you something before you open any links. If it doesn't make sense that they would send you a message like that, then they probably didn't!.

If you are purchasing online, your probably too late, but remember always check the address bar and make sure it is https not just http, stick to reputable companies and sites, and always use pay pal to purchase if it is available. Keep a close eye on your bank statements.

If you are giving computers or phones to family for presents, take the time to show the recipient how to use them safely, educate them on the dangers you have learnt about. Take the extra few minutes to make sure the antivirus and security measures are set up and in place before jumping online.

A behaviour issue during the festive season is "drinking and Social media updating" . Remember once it is online, it is out there forever! always read back what you have written a few times, and think about how it might be taken in the wrong way. Text comes across as black and white and doesn't have emotions. If you don't think you can trust yourself, leave your phone at home or give it to a (trusted) friend to mind.

Next year is looking to be a dangerous year online, as we become more educated and alert, the bad guys are upping the anti and making it a lot harder to see them. You can even hire a service now to tie up someone's phone lines so that they can't be contacted about large purchases on their credit cards or large withdrawals.

I hope that you all have a happy, safe and restful Christmas and New Year, and I look forward to helping you in 2012


Sheri Bomb said...

I can't help but feel that the 'don't drink and post on social media' portion of this post was at lest in part aimed at know me too well! lol

Merry Christmas!

Tony said...

No Not at all Sheri, you were very well behaved on your recent trip, I would almost have to call you "responsible" haha

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